Welcome to WorldLanguageTech.com, your site for tutorials and resources on using technology in the world language classroom.  The site is divided into three sections:


Sites: Sites that are useful for teachers in general, even if they aren’t tools to help teach a language

Lessons: Worksheets and webquests that can be done by students to learn cultural items.  Not language-specific, divided by topic or theme.

Organization: ways to help you organize your information, plan your lessons, etc.

Presentation: ways to help you present information to students, to make input activities, etc. Can also be used for students to make presentations.

Practice: ways to help your students practice the target language.

TL Input: Sites with video, audio, text, etc. using the target language.

Blog:  Miscellaneous items – interesting things that I’ve found about teaching, education, learning, etc.  If I try a new lesson or method or site, I’ll let you know here – how did it work out?  What were the strengths/weaknesses of the lesson?  How would I improve it next time around?  If any of my readers uses one of the sites suggested on World Language Tech, please let me know!  I’d love to share what others are doing with the resources I’ve linked.